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As your Art Business Consultant, my job is to turn your agony into relief, in just one session!

My expertise is marketing for artists, business strategies, branding and problem solving. For a full description of how I can help you, please read my Art Business Consulting Page.

“I woke up this morning and because of you, for the first time in I don’t know how long, did not feel stressed out. I can actually take a deep breath, enjoy my weekend. I’m on the right track! I have a plan! Yay!” -Sharna Fulton


Depending upon your needs, see below a variety of options to choose from:




1: IN-DEPTH CONSULTING: One 60 minute consulting session to help you gain clarity on your business or to make a solid plan for you. (And follow up as needed.)  $175/session


NOTE: If you are not sure if I can help you, and you want to be sure before making payment, please e-mail, tell me specifically what you need help with, and I’ll let you know if I believe that I can help you.

Email me links to your artwork to and attach any document you want me to review.





2. QUICKIE CALL: You get me on Zoom for 20 minutes and I’ll answer one burning question or problem you may be struggling with (i.e. how much should you charge, info on marketing, how to handle a difficult client, etc.) $85/session


There will be a section that you complete where you can enter your question or problem. (If I don’t think I can be of value, I will promptly refund your money.)






3. BUY ME LUNCH, I’LL ANSWER YOUR EMAIL QUESTION!  People are always asking to take me to lunch in exchange for info! However, due to a busy schedule, I’d rather have you send your burning question by e-mail and I’ll answer it within 72 hours (on weekends allow another day).


To get your question answered, please do the following:
1. Send me lunch money in the amount of $45.00 via PayPal, using the e-mail address
2. E-mail, tell me your question; I will send my answer as quickly as possible.  (If I don’t think I’ll be of value, I’ll refund your money promptly)





4. THE INNER CIRCLE: PERSONAL ONE-ON-ONE MONTHLY COACHING FOR THE PART-TIME OR FULL-TIME ARTIST: I will be your business companion on a monthly basis, guiding you every step of the way. I’ll help you solve day to day art business problems, determine how much to charge, and I’ll guide you on making decisions. I’ll also give assistance with social media marketing, business strategies, and building your brand.

Things I help with:

  • A company wants to print your art on their products. Should you, how much should you charge, and what type of contract do you need?
  • The traditional way of selling my artwork isn't working. What should I do to drive sales?
  • Your website needs work, but you aren’t sure what to do with it.
  • An opportunity came for you to promote your work in a big way, but you aren’t sure if it’s fair or what to ask for.
  • A client wants to commission a piece of art from me. How much do /I charge? What should I be billing on the invoice?
  • You want to leave your full-time job, but you aren’t sure when you will be ready. How can you properly plan to make the leap?
  • What language should you use in your captions, on your website, and in emails with clients, in order to close a sale?
  • Wording a winning proposal.
  • Any situation where you are not sure of the right decision to make.

This Monthly Coaching option is best for artists who are already selling their work and who are getting opportunities and want help making decisions. My role will be that of a business consultant, available for you when you need me. I will help you make decisions that are congruent with your vision and desires. This package includes two scheduled 30-minute phone calls a month, plus unlimited email access to me (except weekends). A lot of the work is by email, as I can share with you worksheets and action plans.

There is no long term commitment – you will be charged at the start of each monthly cycle. Your investment is $650 a month. You can cancel anytime.

One of my current monthly coaching clients wrote this: “Genny is a lifesaver. My dream to become a successful artist is coming true, and I give Genny major credit for getting me there. Genny’s coaching expertise is beyond what I expected. She always has answers to my questions and unique strategies for my goals. Her experience in the art industry is vast, and her knowledge is invaluable and cutting edge. But best of all, she believes in me, and instills belief in myself.” 

To get started with our monthly coaching, please do the following:


1. Send payment in the amount of $650.00 via Paypal, using the e-mail address

2. E-mail and give me your preferred day and time for our first call. After that, we will dig deep into your goals and start working on your foundation to grow your art business to be what you envision it to be.

3. This is an ongoing coaching program, month to month, designed to help you grow your art business at a FASTER rate. You can terminate the coaching at any time.

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